Partnership Opportunities

Funding Partners (ISOs)

Our Funding Partners leverage United Fund USA financing solutions, technology platforms, and white label offerings to improve their clients’ experience when accessing capital. If you provide equipment leases, SBA loans, credit card advances, or other types of short-term financing, we can help you expand your product portfolio. Funding Partners manage the process directly with the business owner to maintain their relationship while improving the customer experience.

  • Industry-leading commissions
  • Offer calculator and deal pipeline
  • White label solutions
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Referral Partners

Referral Partners send leads to United Fund USA and receive a commission on the deals that fund. The sales process is handled internally by United Fund USA Customer Success Team and we provide reporting so you know which leads are successfully funded. Businesses are generally funded in fewer than 48 hours from approval. We work with referral partners in various industries and tailor our contracts to the specific partners. From straight commissions to bonus miles and other incentives, we work with you to define the best partnership construct for each business.

  • Mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Flexible commission structures
  • Reporting transparency
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Lending as a Service

United Fund USA Lending as a Service Program provides the opportunity for you to white label or co-brand our FinTech lending platform. Established institutions with large embedded customer bases can customize our platform to meet their business needs and optimize the capital delivery process to their customers. This allows you to benefit from United Fund USA world-class Data Science capabilities, leveraging our loan origination, loan servicing, and loan financing infrastructure as an extension of your own organization.

  • Loan origination, servicing, and financing
  • Robust Data Science capabilities
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